About Madame Jelly Belly

Thought a photo of me with a plate of food would be an appropriate representation of Madame JB

Thought a photo of me with a plate of food would be an appropriate representation of Madame JB

19 year old university student, who finds that sitting at her computer for hours blabbing on about how she wants to lose weight actually helps her lose weight.
Who woulda thunk.

Ok so yeah, I’m trying to lose weight (yes I know, very original); this is not the first time, but it is the last time (fingers & toes crossed. Legs too. And arms. And eyes?).

I’ve been struggling with weight since I was around 11 or 12 years old, but I don’t want to complete a whole decade of my life suffering in dissatisfaction. The original plan was to hit the healthy mark (BMI-wise) by my 20th birthday (October 29th 2012).

Started calorie counting in May 2011, but gave myself a good kick up the arse in Jan 1st 2012, and hurrah hurrah, the jiggly journey was going pretty strong.

Then this happened:

See how everything takes a turn for the worst right around the May/June 2012 mark?
F-word the summer. Enjoyed my time off from university a little too much.

But summer is over, and I’m making sure I’m going to stay on track, for good this time. With the help of my fantabulous fat-busting blog, and you readers, accompanying me on this jiggly journey to sexy health.

I’ve found that baring all my weight loss woes to the world through blogging is actually therapeutic and motivational, and for some bizzare reason people are actually interested in listening to my crap (you are some strange but wonderful, wonderful people!).

Started this blog last spring, but somehow managed to fall off that wagon too (and pretty quickly, might I add). Not this time!

So anyway, here are the stats!

Height: 161cm/5ft 3in
Highest weight: 81kg/179lbs (numbers of the past that continue to haunt me!)
Current weight: 74.2kg/164lbs
Ultimate goal weight: 57kg/126lbs (or thereabouts)
Since Jan 1st: 3.4kg/7lbs down

23492347429845436729 kg/lbs left to go (or maybe it’s 17.2kg/38lbs… Dunno. Sure seems like 23492347429845436729 to me)

Wish me luck! I’ll wish it back! (not just because I’m nice, but because that’s probably all I can do for you from here)




  1. Good luck with your goals.

    1. madamejellybelly · · Reply

      Thank you! Wishing you the same! 🙂

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