Nothing Says I’m Sorry Like a 4km Run.

Spent the previous night with friends binging on pizza, ice-cream and cakes and watching movies.
The guilt got to me (I’m so weak).

And so, today I decided to go sweat it all out by going for my second-post winter outdoor run of the season. It was also my second outdoor run ever in general; before I would usually only be caught running outside if I was trying to catch a bus because, until recently, I thought all my hideous jiggly bits would be very unnerving for passers-by (running to catch the bus was no exception).
Not to mention the fact that my fitness level was pretty dire and if I did go for a ‘run’ it would most likely end up with me collapsing on the pavement in a hyperventilated state of panic and hysteria.

I would usually look like this.

But after about 3 solid(ish) months of going to the gym and doing most of my cardio workouts on the treadmill, I got my jiggly bits to be a wee bit less jiggly, got my fitness up to par, and finally started hitting the pavement.

Pushed myself too hard during my first outdoor run about 2 weeks ago, and ended up having to stop pretty much every 5mins to catch my breath. I think training on the treadmill gave me a false sense of super-agility and super-speed and super-awesomeness and basically I became delusional about how fast I was actually going when running in the gym (although, come to think of it… Gym-acquired delusion would explain all those ‘roid-junkies lifting 7000kg weights with their pinkies and thinking that they’re pulsating blood vessels are sexy).

“Yes, these new dumbbells are good, but if you really want to feel a handle with a great grip and nice, natural curling, come home with me.”

Being so tired and out of breath the first time kicked my confidence about possibly running a 5K in the summer, but alas, today I figured out how to apply the speed that I usually run on the treadmill at (with the help of the iPhone app RunKeeper) to running outdoors and by keeping at that pace I had no problem running 4.2km in about a half hour.


Found a nearby park with the help of my trusty friend google, which wasn’t too bad. Was quite big, and although it was a little dirty and a little wet and muddy in places, it’s still pretty good for running.
Tried to explore all the paths in the park to see where they would lead me to, and funnily enough, one path somehow lead me here:

I’m just gonna make a stop real quick…

An ironic and cruel twist of fate.
Although you would think that all the park bins filled with McDonalds’ wrappers and empty McDonalds’ drink cans would have been a tip off.

Anyhoo I turned right around and decided to keep on running before my pathetic lack of willpower got the better of me.

Great run overall, the weather was perfect (ok it was 7 degrees Celsius, but in this post-winter period I’ll take what I can get), nice and sunny with a cool breeze, and by the time I got back home I was very much out of breath, which is the first time that has happened in quite a while (Outdoors 1, Treadmill 0). I actually really enjoyed it today, and I definitely got the reassurance that I’ll have no problem running a 5K in a few months (or even now). Plus the satisfaction I got makes me very motivated to keep it up because it feels so good to breathe in some fresh air rather than the thick hot air in those sweatboxes we call gyms.

Still have to head to said sweatbox tomorrow though. These arms and abs ain’t gonna sculpt themselves.

Highlights of Today’s Run

Today’s Run Stats (RunKeeper)



    1. Thank you! I’m hoping to get back to my love of running once again 🙂

      1. You’ll get there! Perfect that you are entering summer!!

        I am working on the same thing. I stopped running when I was pregnant for my first and just started back up 3 weeks ago …my son is almost 4, LOL. Better late than never!

      2. Haha, exactly! Hope to hear from your progress! 🙂

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