I’m branching out baby



Well this is my second micoblogging experience, and so far, so good (although my blog is looking pretty plain-Jane at the mo. Apologies).

First got introduced to microblogging from Tumblr. Set up an account a few months back, and I really enjoyed it. It was very, very helpful for me in terms of keeping myself in check whenever I was tempted to skip a workout, or whenever I just wanted to go buy a packet of chocolate digestives, turn off the lights, devour them all in one sitting and be done with this nonsense;

I miss you…

One scroll down my dashboard would be enough to get my mind refocused on the bigger picture (not the ‘bigger picture’ physically, cause you know, I’m trying to lose weight, so it would be the ‘smaller picture’.. Get my mind refocused on the smaller picture? What?).

That’s a big ass picture.

Also it really helped to write about my struggles, as well as my mini fitness and weight loss victories, no matter how futile they were. Having somewhere to publish my achievements made them more real, made them seem more important.
Pity nobody was actually arsed to read what I wrote!
Actually that’s a lie, some people did read my stuff, and I got some feedback from that, but whenever I would repost a picture of some delicious-looking salad bowl (not the bowl itself, but the salad that was in the bowl obviously) or a picture of some random girl running through a park with a lovely but not so profound quote written at the bottom of the photo, I would get a crazy amount of likes and reblogs and then all these new people would start following me. Was great for blog traffic, but was useless in what I ultimately wanted- to write something that people would read, something that would make any kind of positive impact on someone else, whether that be in terms of motivation, inspiration, or just instil some humour in a matter that can often put people in very dark places (including the same place where I would devour those fiendish aforementioned digestive biscuits).
I soon came to see what Tumblr was unfortunately made up of- terribly insecure young people who love to look at pretty pictures but strictly keep the reading to a minimum (cuz readn iz 4knobs).

While the community aspect of it all can be very uplifting because there are people out in the Tumblr world who truly do want to help others with their exercise and weight-loss ambitions, it can still be a very toxic corner of the internet, where persistent images of stick-thin half-naked girls can have the title ‘I want her bodyyyy’.. I just didn’t want to be infected by that mind-set.

So now I’m here, in what I hope is a less-noxious, more literacy-prone branch of the internet.

It’s funny though, because when I first started my Tumblr, I didn’t really know why I was doing it. I just thought it would be something fun, and something helpful for motivation. But now I see how much enjoyment I get out of writing blog posts and how much I actually inspire others and myself though blogging.

Here goes :))



  1. kendrarmcphee · · Reply

    Whaat!? There are chocolate covered Digestive biscuits? Where did you get those?
    I’m so excited!

    1. madamejellybelly · · Reply

      Yep! I think if God had cravings, he would crave these.

      You can get them pretty much anywhere in the UK and Ireland, and I’ve seen them being sold in some other European countries as well. Not sure where in the world you are though so I don’t know how much I can help you :/

      1. kendrarmcphee · ·

        ahh, no wonder! I live in San Francisco. Only plain digestives here! Good luck with the cravings 😉

  2. sweetopiagirl · · Reply

    Reblogged this on Inspiredweightloss.

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