This is what I feel like right now: Seriously. Just finished 90 minutes of my first ever yoga session, and every part of my body feels like water- so fluid, so loose and limber. And with this big stupid grin on on my face I look just like that somewhat disturbing thing up there. It’s […]


Jokes aside, this actually really makes me think about how I want to be in terms of health and fitness 30,40,50 years from now. I really want to be one of those ‘supergrannies’, the ones who climb mountains and run alongside 20-something year olds in marathons and whose lifestyle is still embodied with the bouncing energy of youth. The ones who inspire their children and grandchildren to always be active and enjoy the physical strengths and limitless potentials of their own body.

40-50 years from now, I’ll be glad I started today. So will you. Start now, go out there and be badass.

So here I am, again, back at square 1. This is so humiliating. I hate to value myself according to a number, but I do it anyway, and I do it constantly. And today, that number is making me feel like crap. 76.2. Kilos, that is. 167 lbs for those of you from the other […]

Spent the previous night with friends binging on pizza, ice-cream and cakes and watching movies. The guilt got to me (I’m so weak). And so, today I decided to go sweat it all out by going for my second-post winter outdoor run of the season. It was also my second outdoor run ever in general; […]

HELLOOOOO WORDDDDPRESSSSS! Enchanté. Well this is my second micoblogging experience, and so far, so good (although my blog is looking pretty plain-Jane at the mo. Apologies). First got introduced to microblogging from Tumblr. Set up an account a few months back, and I really enjoyed it. It was very, very helpful for me in terms […]


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